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In case you are not familiar with, or at least have not subscribed to a blog before, I wanted you to know what this blog is all about and also why hundreds and hundreds of people literally across the world subscribe by email to its content. If you are here on this page, one of the following likely applies:

  1. You are in the process of buying a swimming pool.
  2. You own a pool and are looking to further your knowledge and education.
  3. You own a hot Tub and are looking for more information and education.

Either way, our blog is written for you. There is lots of information available to you on the internet, but not like our blog. Our blogs are informative as well as educational on swimming pools and hot tubs; it certainly has value for any swimming pool owner or hot tub owner.


To supply you with up-to-date information and technology our educational blogs consist of the following:

  1. How to on pool maintenance, new products, etc.
  2. Informative swimming pool and hot tub articles
  3. Industry news, trends, events, etc.


By subscribing to the blog, you will receive via your e-mail inbox on average 1-2 articles per week. We will not send other e-mails, spam, etc to your inbox. We hold your subscription in very high regard and respect your privacy. We will produce high-quality, helpful content. If an article does not apply to your situation, simply delete it, we will not feel offended. Our goal is to help you be an informed swimming pool owner and this blog means of achieving this goal.


Finally, we ask that you post questions on the blog or send them directly to us via e-mail. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to our community blog.




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