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POOL CLOSINGS $499 + hst

Service includes:

*Pump water down to below returns

*Blow out lines

*Add antifreeze to pump and lines, if requested

*Install winterizing plugs

*Remove ladder and diving board

*Remove pool lights; return fittings, pump, and skimmer basket

*Roll up solar blanket

*Turn off heater

*Add winterizing chemicals to pool, kit includes: 1kg shock, 1litre Algaecide

*Install winter cover and water bags

*Note and alert customer of repairs needs


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cleaning pricePool must be cleaned, vacuumed
and drained to 1” below jets prior to our service staff arrival.

Service includes:

  • Blow out lines
  • Drain pump and filter
  • Add winterizing chemicals and anti-freeze, if requested
  • Install winterizing plugs


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Additional Pool Cleaning - $140.00 per hour (chemicals extra)

Cartridge Filter Cleaning - $125.00

Salt Cell Cleaning - $80.00

Hot Tub Service/Closing - $130.00 per hour

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Book and prepay your pool closing before

August 31st 2024 and don’t pay the taxes!!

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