Considering Pool Options!

"Pool Option" is a very broad term...First, we have the accessories that are integrated into the pool such as saltwater chlorinators, pool light heaters, covers, water features, pool colour, tile selections, automatic cleaners, etc. Then there is an entirely different set of options regarding the pool and patio and coping that outlines the pool. Finally, there may be other options to consider in your budget such as a pool fence, electrical hook-up costs, retaining walls, and landscaping.

Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinators work by converting salt, which is dissolved in your pool water, into pure chlorine.  Sounds simple, and it is! What you get as a result is great water quality without the harsh side effects typically associated with chlorine pools like burning eyes, skin irritation, and strong odors. 

Simply maintain the proper salt level in your pool by adding salt directly to the water once or twice a season, test your chlorine on a regular basis, and enjoy the low maintenance benefits and exceptional water quality.

Pool Lighting

The vast majority of lights installed in pools today are low voltage lights and we have found they illuminate the pool well and stand the test of time. Colored LED bulbs are available to allow you to change colors with the simple flip of a light switch. These lights come encased with a cord long enough to extend above the water level so the bulb can be changed easily without lowering the water level in the pool. 

Automatic Covers

Automatic covers come in many forms, and this is the reason for their broad price range. Auto covers typically do well at keeping out debris, keeping the pool water warm, and protecting the pool against unwanted guests/swimmers. 

Solar Covers

Solar covers work exceptionally well for one thing: extending the swim season. They simply retain the heat during the night that the pool absorbed during the day. On average, the use of a solar blanket will extend your swimming season up to 4-6 weeks.

Pool Vacuums

The number of automatic vacuums available on the market has increased exponentially just in the last five years. Where once only there were about 3 or 4 options, now there are reaching 50. The three main types are suction-side, pressure-side, and robot cleaners. We tend to gravitate toward robotic cleaners because they are stand-alone units that do not require additional plumbing or booster pumps which can fail over time. 

Pool Heaters

Natural Gas/Propane Heaters and Heat Pumps. As a general rule, pool heaters are only used at the beginning and end of the warm weather season, adding about a month of swim time to each.

Electrical Hook-Up

Various components of your pool require wiring such as the pool pump, light, salt system, heater, etc. The price for this work varies depending on certain factors such as the location of the pump and filter system, whether there is a heat pump, spa, or other components needing to be wired, and whether the home has a crawl space or basement.

Pool Fence

The most popular pool fence on the market today is Decorative Metal.

This sleek-looking low-maintenance product is well suited for pool projects where a privacy fence is not a requirement.

PVC Fence is also a viable option around pools, especially when a six-foot-tall or higher fence is needed. It is also relatively low maintenance and durable. 

Wooden and chain link fences are by far the most budget-friendly options. Wood requires much more upkeep than aluminum or PVC.  With a chain-link fence, be sure to check your local fence codes with your local municipal office.

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