Extend your pool season with a quality heater. By investing in a quality heater you not only increase the comfort and enjoyment of your family, but you will also increase the value of your pool. There are several options to choose from, consult your pool professional for the right choice for you.

Swimming pool gas heater - Synthetic or natural - Swimming pool Gas heaters are of two types those use natural gas or methane and those using synthetic gas or propane, LP.  The principal characteristic of a gas heater is quick heating and low cost of ownership. Gas is subject to local availability and often requires a storage tank for the gas.

Oil Heaters - Swimming Pool  Oil heaters burn diesel fuel or heating oil, similar to oil burners used to heat homes. The principal characteristics of an oil heater are similar to that of a gas heater. A storage tank is required to hold the fuel and fuel type is subject to local availability.

Electric Immersion - Swimming pool electric pool heaters are heaters that use electricity to heat the water. Very similar to the immersion coffee cup heaters used to warm a single cup of water for coffee.  The characteristics of an electric heater are low cost and medium efficiency in heating.

Heat Exchangers - Electric heaters that use a compressor, similar to an Air conditioner to heat the pool. The Heat Exchangers offers the lowest cost of heating a pool of all the heaters available today.

Solar pool heater - Solar heaters use the sun's energy to heat the pool, panels are installed on a roof or in the backyard and connected to the pool's filtering system. The number of panels needed is general the surface area of the pool divided by the square foot/panel. Factors of .8 to 1.2 are applied depending on the efficiency of the panel and the direction with regards to the sun in, which the panels are placed.

Bigger is Better: Although the cost for a larger heater would be greater. The actual cost to operate could be less. Faster heating is achieved, using less fuel.


The Enviro Heat Pump range all features heat exchangers with roped titanium tubing as opposed to conventional straight tubing used by others. Technology that provides greater heat transfer and therefore higher efficiencies for you, the pool owner.

An Enviro Heat Pump can increase efficiency by up to 500% (see graphic on right). Initial capital outlay is higher, but cheaper maintenance costs provide an advantage over gas. The use of a quality thermal blanket can significantly increase efficiency and reduce running costs.

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Jandys® pool and spa heaters have always been known for their high quality. But if quality alone isn’t reason enough to select one of our heaters, you should know that they’re also setting new standards for durability and ease of use!

The new LXi heater and innovative control panel provide a built-in automatic pool to spa switching or easy connection to Jandy RS systems. Control panels can be located in your home or pool house for the ultimate convenience.

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Hayward™ H-Series heaters are energy efficient, feature a patented Finn Plate™ Cupro Nickel heat exchanger for quick and consistent heating, a reliable dual-voltage ignition system, and a patented rust-resistant water path, and a digital LED control panel for simple programming of water temperature. The H-series high-performance Low NOx heater offers environmentally friendly, Low NOx outputs. For those who prefer a heat pump, HeatPro, with its unique ArmourCoil Protected Heat Exchanger, can heat pool water efficiently for a fraction of the cost of gas. Depending upon individual use and application of your pool, a heat pump may be right for you.

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