GLB Chemical

 Let's you work less, spend less, and enjoy your pool more! The 3-Step Program promotes safe, clear water and an algae-free pool!

Step 1

GLB™ TripleTab™ Chlorinating Tablets sanitize pool water, prevent algae and, clarify pool water. TripleTab™ Chlorinating Tablets are slow dissolving and stabilized for extended chlorine life. 
Compatible With:

 What it does:
    • Extra long-lasting chlorinating sanitizer because they dissolve slowly so they last about one week in an average pool.
    • Bacteria are killed continuously when the pucks maintain proper chlorinating levels.
    • pucks are easy on pool surfaces, pumps, filters, and other pool equipment.

Step 2

 GLB shock combines gentle, yet highly effective oxidizers with various clarifiers, therefore enabling you to rid your pool of the swimmer wastes that normally build up in pool water. It leaves pools sparkling and clear and you can swim again in just 15 minutes!
What it does:
    • Creates a high-performance oxidation environment
    • GLB shock multifunctional properties, in conjunction with blue smart crystals, make this the ideal oxidizer of choice.
    • Allows you to swim just 15 minutes after applying.
    • Better clarification through filter enhancer's

Step 3

 GLB Algimycin 2000 is an excellent algae inhibitor! The strongest algae protection is available. Effective against green, black, and mustard algae
What it does:
    • Specially formulated to work with chlorine and GLB Shock to prevent algae before it starts.
    • Prevents resistant strains of algae
    • Non-foaming formula makes it perfect for all pool applications.



We are proud to offer you Dazzle, a brand of pool and hot tub care products that shares our belief that Man and Mother Nature really can coexist. Naturally. As the first complete line of eco-friendly, easy-to-use pool and hot tub care products in North America, there’s simply no greener way to care for your pool or hot tub. Now we can provide you with effective solutions that work with Mother Nature, not against her — so you can keep the sparkle in your pool or hot tub and feel good about the difference you’re making!


We brought in the line of Dazzle Pool and Hot Tub Care Products because they share our passion for a more natural approach to pool and hot tub care. Like us, their inspiration comes from nature. They are passionate believers in biomimicry; which means that wherever possible, they design formulas with natural components and they learn from nature’s processes. Our shared product development philosophy is simple: Nature should be our Model, our Measure, our Mentor.

mineraluxe packagingMineraluxe Advanced Hot Tub Water Care

Tired of complicated potions, soaking in a chemical soup, and feeling like you need a degree in chemistry just to own a hot tub?

We’ve got something better.

And, it’s going to make you fall in love with your hot tub all over again.
Mineraluxe. It’s the way hot tub care was meant to be. Luxurious. Healthier. Simpler.

No more timing and wondering what you have and have not added to your Spa!

15 minutes a week!! Test and balance your tub once a month. is just that easy!


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