These are the most frequent problems with hot tubs that have found been found over the past years in the field . most of these issues can be averted simply by having us over for an inspection and service once a year.Call 519-376-5858 for your area.

1.Water chemistry – This is the monster of all hot tub issues we have found. 99% of all problems arise due to lack of maintaining proper water chemistry in the pool or hot tub.

Hot tub salespeople will tell you that chemical maintenance of your hot tub almost done by itself .   There is no such thing as maintenance free hot tub and getting close to this requires automation equipment installation almost  the price of a hot tub itself . However, with proper instruction and or spa school offered. hot tubs are quite easy to maintain once you know how do this properly and a regular routine is set up and followed.
In the field we find that hot tub owners rather pay for costly repairs than pay for less costly preventative service programs and inspections offered by Rintoul's Pools and Hot Tubs.

2. Clogged filters – When a home owner complains about a hot tub not heating or poor pressure at the jets , a good portion of the include old filters that should washed out and or replaced.

3. Tripped GFCI breakers – Many things can result in a tripped GFCI breaker. pump, Hot tub heater, ozonator just to start. most of them triggered by a water chemistry condition that has caused the device to fail.
4. Heater failure – Most heater failures are due to low ph in the water. Any ph under 7.0 for an extended amount of time will corrode the heating element to the point of failure.This happens because the water with low P.H is starving for molecules and metals is a great provider for these molecules ,. other areas include the pump seals , rubber seal and gaskets and anything else in the tub it can steal molecules from including the Tub itself. This will typically manifest as a tripped GFCI breaker and the results are mostly to replace the heating element. ( if missed over a period of time in a colder climate you may experience broken lines due to freeze up  ! )
5. Pump seal leaks – Poor water chemistry is almost always the result of a premature failed pump seal. The symptoms are a small puddle of water around the equipment area and if unchecked could cause the electrical moter to short from water spraying into the windings of the moter.

6. Circulation pump failure – Many modern shot tubs have a 24/7 circulation pump. Water chemistry problems coupled with pump seal failure is a common problem with the general Ph a concern again as explained with the heater. a simple inspection can catch this problem early before complete failure occurs with hot tub water entering the electrical moter side of the pump tripping the G.F.I and shutting the hot tub down.
7. Flow or pressure switch problem – though not as popular anymore Both a flow switch or a pressure switch are mechanical components with a limit life cycle. probes in newer systems also run out of calibration or connections fail , causing hot tub to shut down.
8. Leaks from lines, jets – water chemistry playing the role here again as glues,silicone fail due P.H levels corrosion .
9. Burned circuit board – Very costly repair. A burned circuit board is typically the result of loose heater terminal connection screws. After a few years, those screws tend to vibrate and loosen up the connection to the heater. This results in heat building up and transferring to the circuit board. That in turn can result in relay  failure on the board. other issues from pumps drawing heavy amps from burnt out or corroded windings may cause similar failures on the relays controlling the pumps.
 10. Ozonator check valves – The small ozonator check valve fail and as a result water travels into the ozonator and trips the GFCI. Sometimes the ozonator can be dried with a hair drier, but it is better to replace unit.

These are some of the most frequent problems with hot tubs that have  been found over the past years in the field . most of these issues can be averted simply by having us over for an inspection and service once a year by Rintoul's Pools and Hot Tubs. call 519-376-5858

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