Serving Our Area For Over 40 Years!

We can just sit in our hot tub and talk with our kids. It’s helped us communicate a lot better as a family, which is important.
Pat L.
I would give up everything I have that isn’t living before I would give up my Beachcomber hot tub.
Bill & Pauline C.
I feel so relaxed when I get out of my Beachcomber that I fall asleep like I did when I was a kid who spent the entire day at the beach.
Maria R.
After many months of searching, we finally found a hot tub – not just any hot tub, but a Beachcomber. The 580 was perfect, it has become an after-work ritual to go outside and soak it up. A fine, stress-relieving thing to do!
Rhonda D.
Gail and I use our hot tub every night. Snow, rain, or hail cannot deter us. It certainly is therapeutic! We both work very hard, and a few minutes in the hot tub is just fantastic!
Greg S.
Your dedication to service and customer care is evident. We thoroughly enjoy our new Beachcomber Hot Tub.
Ron D.
I had seen numerous letters from satisfied customers about how happy they were with Beachcomber. I am glad to confirm that Beachcomber customer care starts long before the tub is delivered.
Maggie F.
With your helping hand before and after the purchase,  we felt that we’re not just dealing with any company that forgets about you after the hot tub is delivered. Instead, you’ve made us feel like we’re part of Beachcomber.
The Thompsons
Our Beachcomber hot tub has lived up to our expectations in every way, and we look forward to many years of enjoyment…   we would recommend Beachcomber to anyone.
Craig F.
Not a day has gone by without us ‘going for a dip’. You will be interested to know that we had two couples express interest in Beachcomber hot tubs after visiting us. Again, my thanks. Please pass my comments along. I would be pleased to provide a testimonial on your commitment to service.
R Sharman
We only wish we had bought our tub years earlier because of the pleasure we get daily from the soothing warmth of our Beachcomber hot tub.
Leo P.
We have just gone through a very cold winter… we find we have used our Beachcomber just as much during those cold months as we did in the summer. The girls have recently had a party for their soccer team and they thoroughly enjoyed using the hot tub. The girls and we love it!
The Letowski Family
We have shared many special moments in our Beachcomber hot tub. The cost is minimal compared to the memories.
Peggy H.
I want to comment on the excellent service after we purchased a Beachcomber hot tub. Beachcomber’s operation and results outperformed our expectations. In addition to being a safe place for our kids, it adds another dimension to our home and outdoor living.
Kerry D.
My Beachcomber has been the center for some great gatherings with family and friends. Yours forever in hot water…
Jenny T.
I love my Beachcomber hot tub and would love the rest of the world to have one too!
Michele F.
We’re quite excited about receiving our new hot tub. I think it’s a great upgrade and will offer many years of fun and relaxation as our family grows.
R Motruk
Our hot tub has become our family center. We have found that this is a great place to have family meetings and ‘heart-to-heart talks.
The Lovick Family
The service is exceptional. My husband has developed real friendships at our local Beachcomber dealer. He enjoys going to get his supplies regularly.
Anna D.
I cannot think of any better way of treating a physically and mentally stressed body except with heat, water, and the massage action of my Beachcomber Hot Tub.
Bill S.

Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with our new hot tub. We talk about our Beachcomber hot tub to everyone who will listen.  Thanks, Keith for a superb product.
Shelly R.