RINTOUL'S POOLS AND HOT TUBS is your one stop store for pool and water care needs. We carry a full line of various chemical products. We carry everything to help you keep your pool water fresh and clean. Rintoul's Pools and hot tubs is equipped with the best technology testing station. Rintoul's pools and hot tubs offer free water analysis and we have trained employees to help you with your chemistry needs with expert advice that you deserve. Just bring in a water sample and our professionally trained staff will be able to test your water for the following levels: chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, copper, iron, phosphates, calcium hardness, stabilizer, and salt.

Rintoul's Water Care Products

Rintoul's Pools & Hot Tubs has a full-line of water treatment products. All our Water Care Products are specially designed to work together as a simple and easy to use system – ensuring a friendly, safe and inviting pool environment for family and friends.

We are proud to offer a fully computerized water testing service to all of our customers, FREE of charge. We recommend you bring in a water sample every 30 days the pool is in use. We stock a full range of test kits which can be purchased for day to day testing needs.


  • Buy a good chemical test kit
  • Calculate the volume of water in your pool using the formula
    • For rectangular pools - Length x Width x depth (in feet) x 6.25 = volume in gallons
    • For round or oval pools - Length x Width x depth (in feet) x 4.9 = volume in gallons
    • To convert to cubic metres, divide the answer by 220.  Jot the figure down and keep it in a safe place.  It is the foundation stone for sound pool management.