Spas and Hot Tubs

Spas are proven to have healing qualities, and offer a place to relax in the soothing hot water after a hectic day. They offer many therapeutic benefits that can soothe aching muscles, and assist in healing injuries. Spas offer a great way to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. At Rintoul’s, we offer 100% Canadian made Spas. Come see our full showroom today, and check out our Beachcomber Hot Tubs, as well as the portable and affordable “Rotospa”.


ROTOSPA portable hot tubs are all about fun. Make parties a truly memorable event and watch your family grow closer as you spend more intimate time together having fun.

ROTOSPA portable hot tubs represent an investment in your home and yourself. Hot tubs are an excellent way to increase property values but the real investment is in your quality of life. Find comfort and connection with yourself and those you love in a ROTOSPA portable hot tub.

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