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Posted by Yvonne Schnurr on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 @ 10:20 AM

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THERE ARE MULITPLE REASONS for bromine's dominance as a hot tub sanitizer, but the most important is the fact that bromine is more active at higher pH range than chlorine.

Chlorine exists in two different forms - free chlorine (HOCI, hypochlorous acid, the good and powerful sanitizer) and hypochlorite (OCI -, the much less effective ion). At a pH of 7.5 there's about 50 percent of each.

That 50/50 situation occurs higher up the pH scale (where hot tubs tend to opperate) for bromine. As a direct comparision, at a pH of 7.5, bromine (HOBr), active to inactive.

In a hot tub enviroment, with higher temperatures and agitation from jets, pH tends to rise into the 7.8 -8.2 range. At that level, bromine produces much more active sanitizer than chlorine, which loses its effectiveness at higher pH.

See the chart below:

Chlorine & bromine sanitizers

Vs. pH

HOCI: Most active, powerful form of chlorine sanitizer

OCI: Weaker chlorine sanitizer

HOBr: Most active, powerful form of bromine sanitizer

OBr: Weaker bromine sanitizer



























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The Evolution of a Quality Brand Beachcomber Hot Tub

Posted by Yvonne Schnurr on Tue, Nov 26, 2013 @ 05:12 PM

Keith Scott started with a simple goal: "to build a better hot tub." In the mid -  seventies, at the start of the spa industry, the lack of quality products that Beachcomber was receiving for resale prompted us to provide our customers with something better. We started by manufacturing our own Beachcomber Hot Tub shells and putting together a package of pumps and plumbing parts allowing retail customers to put the pieces together themselves at home, but this process was still unsatisfactory. Next in the early eighties we built portable hot tubs with the equipment inside the cavity allowing for little or no insulation, a process that most spa manufactures still use today. We still do not agree with this type of spa construction. In 1983 we came up with a better idea and insulated all 4 walls and cab forward the power equipment outside the water vessel. To this day, I am still committed to this construction method of Beachcomber Hot Tubs because it confirms my first goal, "it's a better quality hot tub." 

Flash Back

Keith Scott learned from his family that looking after your customers and providing them with a good product and service builds customer loyalty. After working for ten years and building swimming pools, Keith saw an opportunity to start into a new industry of hot tubs. Using the skills he learned from his family and working in the work world he jumped in and began Beachcomber Hot Tubs. 

We build the best quality and most comfortable hot tubs in the world- and our family of exclusive distributors strive to treat every customer with the same care and respect we treat the people closest to us - our families. Our ultimate goal is to reduce stress, relax, and enjoy therapeutic health and wellness, with the recuperative healing powers of a Beachcomber Hot Tub for you.

Phil Rintoul learned during his youth, working in their family business, giving him the opportunity to learn the basics of running a good business; quality products and outstanding customer service create quality customers. Growing up in a home where honesty, love, hard work and caring for our fellow man were as natural as part of life as breathing. Rintoul's Pools and Hot Tubs has built their business by taking care of our customers, one customer at a time. And they, in turn, recommend us to their family and friends. Visit us today for more information and education on your backyard getaway.

phil history

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Beachcomber's Genuine Quality Hot Tubs!

Posted by Yvonne Schnurr on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 08:05 AM


Beachcomber's Genuine Quality Versus Glitz & Gimmicks !

The Rintoul Family run a hands - on family business along with a likeminded executive team of free thinking people that have made them the quintessential brand in the hot tub industry. Beachcomber has steered away from the bells and whistles from day one! The hot tub industry has  gotten themselves into trouble with gliz, big insignias, sass and a dollop or two of ostentation. Beachcomber's three price levels with the 700, 500, and 300 series all convey a more unassuming, efficient brand competing in a young, fierce, global hot tub market. Since 1978, our own customers have shown us that our value, economy, usability and durability have raised us to the top in the 1970's, 80's, 90's and now competing our fourth decade of leadership with the Beachcomber Hybrid 3 Edition Hot Tub. We are proud to say that when you see a Beachcomber, it calls for nothing fake! Beachcomber Hot Tubs takes a 'long life' approach, not the 'gimmick' factor that was so prevalent in the auto industry of the past. " We do not want the flashy effect, where you buy a hot tub/spa that lasts only for a few years, and then throw it away; we want our hot tubs to work for 25 years. Our goal is to take the quality we have through all of our 15 hot tub models and be the leader in greener technologies. We see that people want quality and energy efficiency in all hot tub model sizes and price points." Our thinking is to always have our leadership technology and quality at every Beachcomber price level. Create a little paradise in your backyard today by coming in and visiting Rintoul's Pools & Hot Tubs to see the difference quality, expert advice and customer service make in the Pool and Hot Tub / Spa industry.

Industry Reports Reveal Customers Want And Need Quality!

Breaking Industry News

Did you know that Beachcomber's customer referral rating is 98.4% versus the industry's 50% in recommending another spa sale to a friend? This low industry approval referral rating comes from their dissatisfied hot tub owners that have experienced poor quality and after sale service problems that they found were not looked after properly by the store and / or by the brand manufacturer.  Beachcomber has built our business on referrals from satisfied owners and will not participate in these low or average industry customer referral ratings. We provide the highest level of quality, value and after sale service for our Beachcomber customers by listening to their needs and are dedicated to providing the best hot tub experience. Our Customer Satisfaction Index online survey provides us with feedback which we have used to establish the highest customer approval referral rating. One of the key survey questions setting the benchmark for quality experience customers expect from the premium Beachcomber brand is " Would you recommend a Beachcomber Hot Tub to a friend?" Beachcomber Hot Tub owners rank us with a 98.4% approval rating to refer us to their friends and family! We are nothing like the industry standard.

Please see us first. We have plenty of floor models and Beachcomber hot tub spa models  to clear starting at $3,997.00 and some factory seconds that have been reduced as well, while stocks last. We have the best selection of spas or Hot Tubs, coast to coast. We offer free water testing. Canadian made Beachcomber Hot Tubs and are very high quality and made with the greatest attention to detail. They are affordable with easy financing.

Take advantage of our FREE water test lab. Simply bring in a sample of your hot tub water and your dirty Beachcomber filter and we will send you home with a complete report including recommendations on what is required to get your hot tub water balanced and a clean micro filter. Have your water tested and filter exchanged as often as you like.

We have a Beachcomber Hot Tub for just about any budget…

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Learn top tips and tricks for extending the life of your hot tub!

Posted by Yvonne Schnurr on Mon, Sep 16, 2013 @ 08:54 AM

Care & Service

Rintoul's Pools & Hot Tubs wants our customers to use the products we sell to create the perfect outdoor living experience. And we want you to enjoy your purchase for years to
come. In this section you’ll find some useful tips and advice.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are covered by
the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Rintoul's Pools
& Hot Tubs offer a wide selection of Water Care Products.
They ensure clean, healthy water, while enhancing the lifetime of your hot
tub. All of our products are protected by their manufacturer’s warranties.

Rintoul's Water
Care Products

Rintoul's Pools & Hot Tubs has
a full-line of water treatment products. All our Water Care
Products are specially designed to work together as a simple and easy to use
system – ensuring a friendly, safe and inviting hot tub environment for family
and friends.

We are proud to offer a fully computerized
water testing service
to all of our customers, FREE of charge. We recommend
you bring in a water sample every time you drain and refill, as well as every
30 days the hot tub is in use. We stock a full range of test kits which can be
purchased for day to day testing needs.


Why is my water cloudy?

In 90% of cases this is caused by a lack of sanitizer or disinfectant. Once you
can get your sanitizer level at the 3-5ppm range, and maintain this level for a
couple of days, it will clear up.

Why does my water foam when I turn on the jets?

Foaming is caused by a lack of sanitizer or disinfectant. Test your chlorine or
bromine levels and be sure it is in the proper 3-5ppm.

Why does my water have a funny, musty smell?

This odor is normally caused because
the water needs to be disinfected, or the pH level is off. First, try
‘shocking’ the water with 2-3 tablespoons of disinfectant. If that does not
work, test your pH level to be sure it is in the proper range of 7.2-7.8. If
your pH level is not within this range, adjust your levels as recommended
by the Rintoul's professional.

Why are there white flakes/particles floating in my water?

These flakes are ‘biofilm’ that has grown in your water due to lack of
sanitizer or disinfectant. Start by adding 3-4 tablespoons of sanitizer and
remove your existing filter. If the problem persists please bring a water
sample into the store.

Why does my pH seem to always drop? Is there an easier way to keep it in the
recommended range?

The reason your pH is constantly dropping is that the products you are
putting in your hot tub are low in ph. The best way to keep it in line is to be
sure your total alkalinity level stays between 100 and 120 ppm to hold
the pH in its proper range. See your Rintoul's professional for exact
amounts of chemical to add.

My sanitizer level is too high, how can I bring it down to the proper level?

There is more than one way to bring your sanitizer level down. First, try adding
fresh water to dilute the sanitizer. If this does not work, bring in a
water sample to Rintoul's Pools & Hot tubs for analysis and advice.

How often should I be changing my water and replacing my filter?

We recommend changing your water every 6 months with regular hot tub usage (3-4
times per week). If you have two filters and you are cleaning them monthly they
should be replaced every 18-24 months. If the band in the middle of the filter
comes detached, it needs to be replaced.

What is the difference between the water care products at Rintoul's Pools
& Hot Tubs and the Big Box Stores?

Most big box chemicals contain high percentages of fillers and binders to keep
the price down. You have to use much more of their products to get the desired
results – plus you end up adding unwanted by-products into your hot tub which
can lead to other issues in your water and mechanical equipment.

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A Consumer's Guide to Buying a Hot Tub

Posted by Yvonne Schnurr on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 @ 08:49 AM

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For centuries, people have flocked to natural springs to take advantage of the 'curative' properties of bathing in its hot water. Today people around the world continue to agree that nothing seems to sooth the aches and pains of a hard day's work like a hot soak.

While natural hot springs are tough to find, modern homeowners can easily bring this experience to their backyards with a hot tub. Buying one, however, can be overwhelming. But if you do your homework, you can ensure you'll buy the hot tub that best suits your needs.

There are five basic things to consider when buying a hot tub:

  1. Comfort and Design
  2. Reputation
  3. Insulation
  4. Massage Capabilities
  5. Ease of Maintenance

Comfort and Design

Above all else, you want your hot tub to be comfortable. Check to see if the hot tub seats are ergonomically designed to fit your body's natural curves. You need to make sure you fit comfortably into the seats in order to get the best possible soaking and massage experience. Don't be afraid to get in and test out the seats. If a seat is not comfortable when it is dry, odds are it won't be any more comfortable when it is wet. You should also take a close look at other design features of the hot tub. For example, is there multi-level seating, does the hot tub have a large enough foot well to accommodate multiple bathers and are there safety steps to enter the hot tub? Even minor features should be studied. For instance, if the hot tub comes with pillows, ensure they are comfortable and easy to remove and clean. Check to see if there is a place to put an ice bucket or place drinks. No detail is too insignificant.


Look for hot tub manufacturers that have been in business for awhile and have a proven record of reliability. Visiting your local LeisureScapes dealer for advice is a good place to start. You can also ask friends or family members with hot tubs about their experiences with particular brands.

Also, investigate whether the product they offer are covered by a reasonable warranty. A good warranty would consist of a 10 year structural warranty, 5 year acrylic surface and 3 year parts and labour warranty.


This factor is significant because of its link to energy efficiency, an important consideration for any home-owner. First and foremost, look for a hot tub that is approved by the Commission for Environmental Co-operation (CEC). Investigate how long it takes for the hot tub to pump out and filter 100 percent of its water. The less time this takes the more energy-efficient the hot tub will be. Look at models that use low-amperage filtration pumps. A good hardcover can also provide added insulation and energy efficiency.

Massage Capabilities

Likely the most appealing element of a hot tub is its massage capabilities. When added to soothing feel of hot water, it can truly make or break your hot tub experience. Through it may be tempting to go for the model with the most jets, more is not always better. Instead, look for jets that are strategically placed in the most optimal spots. For example, foot jets are often overlooked, even though they can provide one of the best possible massages.

Customization is also a much sought-after feature when it comes to jets. A model with optimized hydraulics will ensure an even flow of water is sent to each jet for a smooth, comfortable massage.

Ease of Maintenance

No matter what hot tub you choose, you need to make sure it is easy to service. When it comes to hot tub maintenance, there are two primary factors you need to address - filtration and disinfection.

Filtration. In a hot tub, dirt can only do two things. It is either light enough to float on the surface or heavy enough to drop to the bottom. When assessing a hot tub's filtration capabilities, be sure to ask how long it takes to filter 100percent of the water. Also check to ensure the skimmer is sufficient. Does it provide enough filtration to remove debris and does it have a floating door to skim the surface of the water? also ask the salesperson whether the hot tub has a suction side filter or pressure side filter. The suction side filter offers less expensive filtration, but is not as effective ; It will only filter 50 percent of the hot tub water. Conversely, pressure side filters are more expensive, but since 100 percent of the water passes through the filter, all of it can be cleaned.

Disinfection. To keep your hot tub safe and pleasant to use, you will also need to disinfect the water regularly. Ideally, look for a hot tub that has an in-line chemical feeder as opposed to a floating dispenser. If you choose to use an ozone system, which is designed to reduce your overall chemical requirements, look for a model that uses an injection system. If you opt for a saltwater bromine system ask your local dealer to help you set it up properly to best suit your needs. Once you understand the system, it will be easy to use and makes for a very pleasant soaking experience.

Go Forth And Shop

Although looking for a hot tub can be confusing at times, you can make the process less complicated by narrowing down your search criteria to the five areas above. With a little preparation ahead of time, your hot tub buying experience will be a stress- free, enjoyable experience.... the way it should be.

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Comfort and Design

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